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What to bring on the Drive

What do you bring on a road trip? Extra underwear is a must and most of us would prefer you have your toothbrush and some deodorant. Seriously though, we do have a "should have" list for your travel with us. These items will insure your best time as well as everyone else's. As the scouts say "always be prepared".

1. CB/two way radios.

If you get nothing else on this list, get this. Communications are key and we usually go on channel 3. This is the only way to keep everyone up on what is going on and where we are going as things do change from time to time. People get lost and go the wrong way - it's a safety net. Plus, it's a lot of fun. You can get hand held units or an under-dash with magnetic antennae, and even a headset like Madonna uses. I found that an under-dash unit plugged into a cigarette lighter and zipped into a small "six-pack" cooler pouch on the floor works very well. It is easy to unplug and throw into the trunk when you need to. They have better range than a hand held unit as well.

Read our CB RADIO PRIMER before you buy.

2. First Aid Kit.

Life is unpredictable, you never know when you will need it.

3. Tools.

You know your car, bring what is wise.

4. Spare tire and lug keys.

This is obvious, but we've had people discover when they least needed to that their spare was flat or they left the lock-lug key at home.

5. Camera.


6. Pen and pad.

You never know what we might be throwing at you.

7. Parts.

Again, you know your car. If there is that one little thing that always lets you down and you can bring a spare - do it.

8. Car cleaning essentials.

When we get there, you will need to wash your car. Bring what the spray and wash won't give you. Some people use a hose and bucket at the motel (albiet to management's dismay).

9. Bra.

(For your car) If you are really concerned about bugs and road rash, put a bra on your car. Road trips are a grind on plastic fascias and you never know what might come up.

10. A good frame of mind.

This is a good time, relax and enjoy it. We are not in a race, so don't. Be courteous of other drivers. Don't drink and drive.

See also preparing your car



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