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MAA Fellow Travelers Directory

Last Names A-C D-G H-J K-L M N-R S T-Z

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Warren Walker

Bryant, AR

MAA '04

Debra Ware

'66 Cconvertible

Grand Prairie, TX

MAA '04

Philip White

'66 Mustang

Stonewall, LA

MAA '04

Walter and Lorraine Welsh

'65 Mustang

Alamo, CA

MAA '94 , '04

David and Penny Willis

'94 Saleen Speedster

Kalama, WA

MAA '04

Kevin Williams

'01 GT Convertible

North Highlands, CA

MAA '04

Lynette White

'66 Convertible

Livermore, CA

MAA '03

John and Lyn Ziraldo

1985 GT Convertible

Ontario Canada

MAA '96

Doug Whisenant
67 Mustang Convertible

Fresno, CA

Lorne and Jill Willard

'03 Mach 1

Kansas City, MO

MAA '04

David Wills

'89 GT

San Luis Obispo, CA

MAA '03

Robert W. Thompson

'69 Mustang

Scottsdale, AZ

MAA '04

Bob Vervaecke

'65 Shelby Clone

Bonner Springs, KS

MAA '04

Ken and Maureen Yajko

'65 GT Convertible

Dublin, CA

MAA '94 , '04

Stephen Wysock

'94 Cobra , '68 Coupe

Huntsville, AL

MAA '94,'96,'03, '04

Arthur and Marann Wilkinson

'67 Convertible

Forrest Hill Auckland, New Zealand

MAA '04

Josh Turner

'87 GT

Pensacola, FL

MAA '94


Charlie Turner

'93 Cobra ,95 GTS

Somewhere, AL

MAA '94

Luke Woodward

'86 Mustang

Roseville, CA

MAA '03

Randy Martin

'94 Mustang

Santa Clara , CA

MAA '03

Roger P. Van Alyne

2000 Mustang

Gardnerville, NV

MAA '04

Brad Walling

'73 Mach 1

Belmonti, IL

MAA '04

Clinton Usher / Shane Delaforce

1971 Mach 1429

Burpengary, Queensland, Australia

MAA '04

Michael and Gayla Wiiest

1999 GT

Golden, CO

MAA '04

Jim and Lelia Voit

1970 Boss Mustang

Tyler, TX

MAA '94, '96, '04

Ron Wheeler

'65 Fastback

Clovis, CA

MAA '04

Robert and Letha Zimmerman

'65 Convertible

Douglass, KS

MAA '04

Gary and Sue Wilson

'67 Coupe

Sandy, UT

MAA '04

Dustin Taylor

'93 GT

Glencoe, OK

MAA '04

James Wright

'01 Roush Stage 3

Farmers Branch, TX

MAA '04

Troy Willschau

'73 Fastback

Las Vegas, NV

MAA '04

John Webb

'02 GT

Roland, AR

MAA '04

Tony Tucker

'66 Mustang

Franklin, TN

MAA '04

Ed and Joy Woodward

'66 Convertible

O'Fallon, IL

MAA '04

Rich Vaughn

'64.5 Convertible

Littleton, CO

MAA '04

Charles Woods

'89 Convertible

Stamps, AR

MAA '04

Steve Widman

'67 Fastback

Thornton, CO

MAA '04

Gill Tennison

'65 Convertible

Cerritos, CA

MAA '04



• MAA Alumni planning 2007 Caravan drive to Mustang, OK for the MCA National show in April!

From TheMustangNews.com:


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Jack's Toys Video Series

Mustang builder, NASCAR kingpin and engineer gives weekly video tour of his personal museum. ►Full Story

Win Carroll Shelby's 40th Anniversary 2007 GT-500!

Another big Win-A-Shelby car giveaway is underway. You can really win and support a great cause too! ►Full Story




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