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MAA Fellow Travelers Directory

Last Names A-C D-G H-J K-L M N-R S T-Z

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Charlie Schlund

'65 Fastback

Austin, TX

MAA '04

Ron and Donna Silva

'66 GT

Sanger, CA

MAA '04

Tony Scharp

'88 Special Service, '96 GT, '93 Cobra, '78

Houston , Tx

MAA '94, '96 , 04

Jay Storey

'03 GT Convertible

Maumelle, AR

MAA '04

Tony Sousa - Past MAA VP

1965 Shelby GT-350, 1969 Shelby GT-500, 1995 Mustang GT

LaVerne, CA

MAA '94, '95, '96,' 03, Bullitt 03 , '04

Doug Schroeder

''02 Roush S2 C

Moore, OK

MAA '04

Ken Sousa

''69 Sportsroof

San Francisco, CA

MAA '03

David and Karen Smith

'04 Convertible, '03 GT

Abilene, TX

MAA '04

David Stallcup

'02 GT

Oklahoma City, OK

MAA '04

Brad Swanson

'72 Sprint FB, '72 Sprint Conv, '72 Sprint Coupe, 2003 MACH 1

Wichita, KS

MAA '94, '96 , '04

Craig Sayers

'04 Mustang

Cranbourne, Victoria Autralia

MAA '04


Brent and Kathy Sanders

'64 Coupe

Layton, UT

MAA '04

Mark and Darla Skiver

'65 Coupe

Alma, AR

MAA '04

Norman Scharp

'67 Fastback

Temple, TX

MAA '04

Tom Sipes

'84 GT350 Convertible

Little Rock, AR

MAA '04

Scottie South

'66 GT Conv.

Amarillo, TX

MAA '04

Gary Smith

'03 GT

Lakeland, TN

MAA '04

Sharon and Linn Slack

'01 Coupe

Mesa, AZ

MAA '04

Phil Safford

'66 Coupe

Snoqualmie, WA

MAA '04

Paul Spacek

'66 Fastback

Glendale, AZ

MAA '04

Ariel Salazar

'01 Mustang

Arleta, CA

MAA '03

Amy Sims

'65 Convertible

Bowling Green, KY

MAA '04

Edward Smith

'03 Mach 1

Sun Valley, NV

MAA '04

Mario Sousa

'95 Cobra

San Jose , CA

MAA '03

Pete Storey

'66 Convertible

Maumelle, AR

MAA '04

Bill Steves

2003 Mach 1

Las Vegas, NV

MAA '03

Dennis and Linda Seely

''00 GT

Troutdale, OR

MAA '04

Tom and Marlene Schroeder

'66 Mustang

Montclair, CA

MAA '04

Jim Schorr

'68 GT-350 Replica

Ft. Worth, TX

MAA '04

Richard Seward

2003 Mach 1

Overland Park, KS

MAA '04

Kent and Cindy Schlick

'72 Convertible

Santa Ana, CA

MAA '04

Chad Starkey

'04 Cobra

Memphis, TN

MAA '04



• MAA Alumni planning 2007 Caravan drive to Mustang, OK for the MCA National show in April!

From TheMustangNews.com:


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Jack's Toys Video Series

Mustang builder, NASCAR kingpin and engineer gives weekly video tour of his personal museum. ►Full Story

Win Carroll Shelby's 40th Anniversary 2007 GT-500!

Another big Win-A-Shelby car giveaway is underway. You can really win and support a great cause too! ►Full Story




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