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MAA Fellow Travelers Directory

Last Names A-C D-G H-J K-L M N-R S T-Z

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Bill and Cretia Rouse

1993 Cobra

Plantation, FL

MAA '96, '04

Richard Rogers

'66 Coupe

Garland, TX

MAA '04

Ralph Rossi Jr

'03 GT

Willmington, NC

MAA '04

Doug and Theresa Putman

'65 Coupe

Shallowater, TX

MAA '04

Marco Ramirez

'99 Mustang

San Diego, CA

MAA '04

Roy and Peggy Newman

'88 Convertible

Vashion Isl, WA


Frank and Esther Rowland

'66 Convertible

Concord, CA

MAA '04

Robert Noggle

'03 Mach 1

Midland City, AL

MAA '04

Ray Richards

'95 GT

Citrus Heights , CA

MAA '03

David A Reese

'70 Mach 1

Amarillo, TX

MAA '04

John Prochaska

''69 Sportsroof

Roseville, CA

MAA '03

Dick and Joan Ortlieb

'65 Coupe

Grass Valley, CA

MAA '03

Tim & Cheryl Putnam

'02 GT Convertible

Chandler, AZ

MAA '03

Asa Pearson

'65 GT

Grapevine, TX

MAA '04

Richard Reifeis

'69 Mach 1

Huntington, IL

Robert M Nichols

'66 Convertible

Leesburg, FL

MAA '04

Toby and Sue Russell

'03 Cobra

ElDorado, AR

MAA '04

Vernon Richardson

'01 GT

Pasco, WA

MAA '04

Robert Phares

'69 Mach-1 428 CJ

Folsom, CA

MAA '03

Jon Noel

'97 GT

Livermore, CA

MAA '03

Phillip M. Dano

''68 Coupe

Socorro, NM

MAA '04

Steve Ramsey

'72 Convertible

Longmont, CO

MAA '04

Star Novak

Baldwin, KS

MAA '04

Dusty and Kathy Pinkerton

'70 Convertible

Riverside, CA

MAA '94, 95, '04

Darin and Sylvie Putman

'93 LX Coupe (SSP)

Lubbuck, TX

MAA '04

Robert Owens

'03 Cobra Convertible

Tyler, TX

MAA '04

Doug and Carol Peters

'89 Saleen SSC

Brier, WA

MAA '95, '04

F.A. and JoAnn Pennebaker

'66 Fastback, '03 Mach 1, 03 Mustang

Booneville, AR

MAA '94, '96, '04

Jerry Oldridge

'65 Shelby GT-350

Sherwood, AR

MAA '04

Michael O'Donnell

'01 Bullitt

Poway , CA

Bullitt 03

Larry Petersen

'64 Coupe

Des Moines, IA

MAA '04

Bob and Jan Rolph

'67 Convertible

Coto De Caza, CA

MAA '94 ,'04

Jaime Ramirez

'68 Coupe

Glendale, AZ

MAA-'04, '05

Mike Pate

'84 SVO

Bryant, AR

MAA '04

Mike Peck

'66 Shelby GT-350

Nornam, OK

MAA '04

Gregory Nicholas

''65 Convertible, '66 Coupe

Elk Grove , CA

MAA '94 , '04

Raymond and Rebecca Rosario

'00 Coupe

El Mirage, AZ

MAA '04

Lee Robbins

'82 GT

Olympia, WA

MAA '04

Dennis and Kay Quattlebaum

'67 Fastback

Lubbock, TX

MAA '04

Gary Neirynck

'69 Mach 1

Carrollton, TX

MAA '04

Christoper Neri

'66 Convertible

Lakeland, TN

MAA '04

Robert Owen


Irving, TX

MAA '04

Holly Peck

'02 GT

Killen, AL

MAA '04

Jay and Kathi Panozzo

'71 Mach 1, 04' GT

Mokena, IL

MAA '04

Mark P. Powell

'98 Mustang

The Colony, TX

MAA '04

John Peery

'66 Mustang

Fairview, TX

MAA '04

Karl Rotcavich

'90 GT Convertible

Long Beach, CA

MAA '94, '95, '96, '04


Jimmy Pucket

''98 Mustang GT

Austin, TX

MAA '05



• MAA Alumni planning 2007 Caravan drive to Mustang, OK for the MCA National show in April!

From TheMustangNews.com:


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Mustang builder, NASCAR kingpin and engineer gives weekly video tour of his personal museum. ►Full Story

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Another big Win-A-Shelby car giveaway is underway. You can really win and support a great cause too! ►Full Story




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