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MAA Fellow Travelers Directory

Last Names A-C D-G H-J K-L M N-R S T-Z

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Terry Murphy

'65 GT Convertible

Tallulah, LA

MAA '04

Joel McCosh

'03 Mach 1

Parkville, MO

MAA '04

Stan McKinney

'03 Mach 1

Campbellsville, KY

MAA '04

Jim and Shaaron McFarland

1964 1/2 convertible, 65 gt coupe, 66 coupe, 95 GT convertible.

2 1967 Mustang Jr's

Knoxville, T N

MAA '94, '96


Lou Martin

'04 Convertible

Runaway Bay, Queensland Australia

MAA '04

Kim Millholin

'69 Mach 1, '64.5 Mustang

Albany, OR

MAA '03

Tony Machutes

'01 Bullitt

Castro Valley , CA

Bullitt '03

Rick Meridith

''851/2 Mustang SVO

Fullerton, CA

MAA '95

"Hot Rod Lincoln"

Frank McKnight

'03 Mach 1


MAA '96

Don H. McDonald

'66 Fastback

Wells, NV

MAA '04

Tom and Sharon Martin

'99 Cobra

Rose Hill, KS

MAA '04

Ross Milstein

'66 Convertible

Los Angeles, CA

MAA '04

Michael McDaniel

'96 GTS, 67 Coupe

Sachse, TX

MAA '04

Geoffrey and Susan McGuire

'67 Fastback

Petaluma, CA

MAA '04

Shannon McNamar

'86 GT Convertible

Moore, OK

MAA '04

William McDonald

'69 GT Fastback

Palmdale, CA

MAA '04

Mark Miller

'02 Roush Stage 2

Phoenix, AZ

MAA '04, '05

Ron and Debbie Morris

'67 GT Coupe

Modesto, CA

MAA '96

Eric Morales

'02 Roush

Sacramento , CA


Ron , Linda, and Everett Myers

'03 Mach 1

Tulsa, OK

MAA '04

Gary and Michelle Maddock

'02 GT

Columbia, MO

MAA '04

Scott Martin

2000 Cobra

Blue Springs, MO

MAA '04

Michael Morrison

'03 Mach 1

Ridgecrest, CA

MAA '04

Charlie McCleese

'01 Cobra Convertible

Las Vegas, NV

MAA '04

Julie McCleese

'03 Convertible

Las Vegas, NV

MAA '04

Derrall Mabe

'02 GT

Kirkland, WA

MAA '04

Ken Masterman

'99 Mustang

Orangevale, CA

MAA '04

Dan and Jo Ann Martorano

'94 Mustang

Mesa, AZ

MAA '04

Rex Minert

'84 GT Conv

David City, NE

MAA '04

Edwin Minch

'65 GT Fastback

Racho Santa Margarita, CA

MAA '95,'96

Robert Madsen

'69 Mach 1

Glenwood Springs, CO

MAA '04

James E. Mills

'94 Convertible, 2- '73 Mach 1

Cedar Grove, TN

MAA '94, '04

Jim and Doris McLeaster

'03 Mach 1

Westerville, OH

MAA '04

Joe and Jennifer Mitchell

'65 K Code

Little Rock, AR

MAA '04

Scott Morrison

'68 Mustang, '03 Cobra

North Charleston, SC

MAA '94

William Marshall

65 Fastback GT

Dallas, TX

MAA '04

Wayland M. Minot

'03 SVT Cobra

Sacramento, CA

MAA '04

Eddie and Shelly Mollette

'68 Mustang

Alexander, AR

MAA '04

Kerry Mills

'98 Cobra

Mission, KS

MAA '04

Luis Medina

'00 Mustang

Pacoima, CA

MAA '04


Doug McCosh

'94 Cobra Convertible

Parkville, MO

MAA '04

L. Jamal Norwood

'03 Mach 1

Elk Grove, CA

MAA '05




• MAA Alumni planning 2007 Caravan drive to Mustang, OK for the MCA National show in April!

From TheMustangNews.com:


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Jack's Toys Video Series

Mustang builder, NASCAR kingpin and engineer gives weekly video tour of his personal museum. ►Full Story

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Another big Win-A-Shelby car giveaway is underway. You can really win and support a great cause too! ►Full Story




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