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MAA Fellow Travelers Directory

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Brian and Bev Fenech

1995 Mustang GT

Goldsboro, NC

MAA '94, '04

Joyce and Mike Epperson

66 Mustang GT HiPo Convertible , 2001 Bullitt

Salt Lake City, UT

Bullitt 03, MAA '04

Ken and Shirley Everright

'03 Mustang

Royal, AR

MAA '04

Bill and Kelly Fuller

''68 Coupe

Sacramento, CA

MAA '03

Al Dodson

Austin, Tx

MAA '94, '96


Dale Eisenbeisz

'99 GT

Port Angeles, WA

MAA '04

Kev Ewert

''01 Roush Stage 3 Convertible

San Jose, CA

MAA '03 , '04

Eric Durol

'96 GT Conveertible

Goldsboro, NC

MAA '04

Carlo Di Fabio

'99 GT Saleen Replica

Napa, CA

Bullitt '03

John "Doc" Doolittle

'01 Bullitt

San Leandro , CA

Bullitt 03

Jim and Kathy Ferris

'66 Convertible

Ames, IA

MAA '94, '96 ,'04

Mike & Robin Grentus

65 Mustang Fastback 2+2, & 69 Mustang Coupe,

Columbia, NJ

David Gagnard

''66 Fastback

Marksville, LA

MAA '96 , '04

Michael Gullery

''67 Fastback

Morgan Hill , CA

MAA '03

Mark George

''66 Fastback

Sonoma , CA

MAA '03

Ken Glick

'70 Sportsroof

Sacramento, CA

MAA '03

Joe Gianninoto

'03 GT Convertible

Tuscon, AZ

MAA '04

Herman Garcia

'00 Convertible

Hubert, NC

MAA '04

Darwin and Jackie Dirks

'03 Cobra

Perry, UT

MAA '04

Jason Guillory

'66 Mustang

Richardson, TX

MAA '04

Stephen and Diane D'Ercole

'86 SVO, '67 Coupe

Norton, MA

MAA '04

Nick Greenfield

'92 GT

Sioux Center, IA

MAA '04

Harry Filbey

'66 Fastback

MAA '04

Jim Ennaro

''68 Coupe

Mt. Lake Terrace, WA

MAA '04

Bob and Sandy Graham

'65 Coupe

Sun City, AZ

MAA '04

Craig Grant

'70 Boss 302

Irving, TX

MAA '04


Justin and Eric Golda

'94 GT

Oklahoma City, OK

MAA '04

Gleave and Sue Greene

'67 T5

West Jordan, UT

MAA '04

Tommy and Donna Gayer

'90 GT Convertible

Bossier City, LA

MAA '04

Larry and Marilyn Dickson

'86 GT

Murchison, TX

MAA '04

Opal P. Foley

'93 LX Convertible, '00 Mustang

Lemay, MO

MAA '04

Ken Duncan

'70 Mach 1

Chino, CA

MAA '04

James and Heather Duncan

'65 GT Fastback

Hemet, CA

MAA '04

Paul and Kathy Edens

''04 Cobra

Hensley, AR

MAA '04

Doug and Linda Gompertz

'67 Convertible

Concord, CA

MAA '04

Chris Gramza

'85 Mustang

Washinton, DC

MAA '04

Wayne Flack and Barbara Mitchell

Tuakou, New Zealand

MAA '04

William and Gale Groff

'03 Convertible

Orlando, FL

MAA '04

Heather Epperson

'93 Mustang

Murray, UT

MAA '04

Craig Dierking

'01 Roush Stage 1

Blue Springs, MO

MAA '04

Fred and Betty Foster

'94 Mustang

Bryant, AR

MAA '04

Frank Edwards

'84 Convertible

Spearman, TX

MAA '04

Patrick Griffin

'03 Roush Stage 1

Sherwood, AR

MAA '04

Justin Firor

'01 Roush Stage 3

Klamath Falls, OR

MAA '04

David and Sherry Denham

'67 Fastback

Arvada, CO

MAA '04

Larry and Eloisa Ewers

'95 GT Convertible

Richmond, TX

MAA '04

Michael Draeger

'04 GT

Beebe, AR

MAA '04

Joe Dominguez

'66 Fastback

Rosamond, CA

MAA '04

Brandon Foley

'03 Cobra Convertible

Covington, TN

MAA '04

Chris Deatrick

'01 Convertible

Palmdale, CA

MAA '04

Jason Deatrick

'66 Convertible

Palmdale, CA

MAA '04

Michelle Deatrick-Preter

'68 Coupe

Palmdale, CA

MAA '04

Peter Garvin

'03 Cobra Convertible

Arlinton, TN

MAA '04

John Ehrle

'00 GT Convertible

Rockwall, TX

MAA '04

Michael and Amy Fry

'04 Mach 1, '91 GT

Bossier City, LA

MAA '04

Chuck and Whitney Drake

'04 Mach 1

Livonia, MI

MAA '04

Leonel Flores

'65 Mustang

Cd. Obregon, Sonora, Mexico

MAA '04

Gene Floyd

'89 Mustang

Anniston, AL

MAA 94, '04

PaulM. Gemellaro

'89 Mustang

Granada Hills, CA

MAA '04



• MAA Alumni planning 2007 Caravan drive to Mustang, OK for the MCA National show in April!

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