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Kev Ewert and the Roush Connection

By Sam Haymart 01/15/03

Have you heard of Kev Ewert? Have you heard of fnsweet.com? If you haven’t, you will. Kevin (Kev) Ewert of San Jose is well known among Roush Mustang owners the all over the nation. The specialty Mustangs built by Jack Roush in Livonia, Michigan are coming onto the scene in a big way since their introduction just a few years ago. The Mustangs known as Stage 1, 2, and 3, GT-360/GT-380, and most recently the Jack Roush Classic are earning their place as one of the most comprehensively engineered “tuner” cars available today. So where does Kev come in?


One of the first hard core enthusiasts to purchase a Roush Mustang, he like many others found it difficult to find information on the cars. Being a hip dot-com guru in the Silicon Valley he did what came natural: get on-line and search. He was surprised to find nearly nothing about the cars. It wasn’t long before his enthusiasm, quest for information, and hard work gave birth to the first and only substantial Roush enthusiast website anywhere. Fnsweet.com is short for, well you know what. Hey, we’re talking about a California car bum here right? His site features how to articles, the Roush Registry which has a growing catalogue of registered cars, photo albums, statistics on the Roush Mustangs, and most importantly a bulletin board. The bulletin board is a growing family of enthusiasts, which are very active and share a deep enthusiasm for the Roush cars. While virtually every enthusiast site has a bulletin board, this one is different. If you spend any time there you would realize that the active participants share a common bond much like a family. They joke around and get silly from time to time, but they are very serious about Roush and their cars. You won’t find a “street kills” or a “swimsuit” section, but you will find a substantial depth of threads on technical advice, events schedules, and issues surrounding the cars. This keeping of the faith goes in large part to Kev’s deft and consistent hand at the tiller. The rest can be attributed to the unique cadre of people that the Roush cars seem to be attracting. With the Roush Mustangs being relatively new, it might be surprising to hear that the board has over 2200 members, which mostly are Roush owners. Kev has visions of bigger things for fnsweet but is mum on most of them. What is obvious is a deep-rooted will to see the Roush Mustang earn its place among the other names we all know. Shelby and Saleen. He will tell you that the fast growing website community and wealth of kudos he has received from the project has been very unexpected and rewarding.

His enthusiasm was implanted as a kid by his late father who bought a ‘65 Mustang which the family soon moved across the country together in. As he grew up the car was a part of the family and became Kev’s when be began driving. He later bought a 1987 5.0 Mustang, and onward from that point he found Roush. When it comes to the cars, it’s all about driving. You won’t likely find Kev hanging out at a concours show, but at the track. He open tracks his 2001 Stage 3 convertible as often as he can. With 360+ supercharged horsepower and roaring side pipes, who wouldn't. His second Roush Mustang convertible, the “true-blue” Stage 3 is driven almost daily and steals the garage from the other cars in his stable.

Having spent some time recently in Michigan visiting the Roush facilities and getting to meet many of the fine people who build and develop these cars, he said he has a renewed fervor to see some of his future visions come to fruition. What are those? Well you’ll have to log on to his website to find out.


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