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John Burge of Sacramento, CA has been a Roush fan for some time now. A owner of a red 2002 Roush 360R which is the source of his nickname "Redpony" has had a passing fancy for Jack Roush's version of the pony car. In fact he drove the 2002 Roush on the MAA 40th Anniversary drive to Nashville in April of 2004 from Sacramento and back.

Approaching his birthday, he and his wife were on the way out one afternoon to the new casino in town for some fun and took a slight diversion. "I said lets stop at Future Ford and see if they have any new Roushes", says John. They saw the 2005 Screaming Yellow Stage 1 and both of them were hooked. "My wife says lets trade in my Lincoln LS and get it, end of story."

The new 2005 Roush models take all the improvements from the 2005 Mustang and add a number of features including a high quality aero body kit, Roush 18-Inch chrome wheels, with high performance tires, high performance exhaust, cool cast exhaust tips, lower valance fog lamps, and nice interior goods like Roush embroidered floor mats. Of course Roush tops it all off with Roush badging and banners. Other options like upgraded high performance suspension and brakes are well know for their handling capabilities.


"The quality of workmanship and parts are so far above 2002-04 mustangs. The car is rock solid, no noises, rattles or anything", says John. "The Roush body panels fit very snugly and fit perfect. Very first tank full got 23 MPG and I would say Ford definitely under rated the HP, it will jump up to 80 in no time. Only thing I'm not crazy about is the drive by wire, but can live with it"

Congratulations on your new Screaming Yellow baby John!



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