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MAA Events: 1994 30th Anniversary Drive

Mustangs Monthly Magazine

"Tony Sousa's '65 Shelby GT-350"

Article by Jerry Pitt


There was slight discussion about which one of his Mustangs Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Anthony J. Sousa would take on Mustangs Across America."Sure I could have brought my late model, but Mustangs Across America needed a Shelby, and I wanted to make sure one was present" And what a Shelby it is! First, it's one of the originals, a '65 GT-350 (SFM5S515). Like other street '65 GT-350s, it features the Hi-Po engine, a Detroit Locker, and 3.89:1gears, While it looks original, Tony has kept it oriented toward regular use. It's not a show car but Tony works toward adding correct components and tasteful modifications. While he works in LA., Tony's heart and the Shelby are kept back home/in San Francisco;. Regular rmonthly visits by Tony and regular maintenance by Jack Schroll of Mostly Mustangs in Oakland, California, keep the GT-350 in running order. Tony found out about Mustangs Across America in Mustangs Monthly. “I called Sam Haymart right away for literature and an application form."lnstead of meeting the caravan at the start. Tony merged with the caravan near Westley, California. It was a great thrill to see the caravan drive by for the first time.

Tony contends that Detroit will never again build a visceral machine like the GT-350. "Greg Sealey and I were a quarter-mile away from my girlfriend's house near Ontario. She told me later that from when we left the car to nearly a half-a-mile away. she could still hear the car accelerating. Another thrill for Tony on Mustangs Across America was when he got to drive freelance contributor Jerry Heasley's 289 Cobra. Tony says, "I had always loved Cobras and early Shelbys. I couldn't afford a Cobra, so I bought the GT-350."We can only imagine the thrill when Heasley offered up the keys for the drive from Kingman to Flagstaff, Arizona. We also can bet it was a bit chilly. In like fashion, Tony offered up the keys to me for the drive into Mustang, Oklahoma, and did the same for Aussie Sean McDonagh and GregSealey. "I had the car appraised at $53,000," Tony says sheepishly."Sure, should anything happen, I probably couldn't afford to replace it But strictly showing a Shelby reminds me of putting a Thoroughbred in a cramped stall. Even Carroll himself gets distressed seeing his cars on trailers." If here were any low points, they would probably include the part of the trip when a front end alignment was needed in New Mexico and when the distributor gave up on the final leg into Charlotte. However, the efforts of Charlie Turner, who put the car on his trailer and MikeJudy, Sean and Greg who helped nurse the sick Shelby back to health helped overcome any despondence."I was overwhelmed by the efforts of my fellow Mustangers who tore down the engine, replaced the distributor, and put it all back together so that I could run in the open track at CMS,"Tony said. It's that kind of story that puts it all together for Mustangs Across America. Driving one's car, meeting new people, and overcoming problems by working together.


• MAA Alumni planning 2007 Caravan drive to Mustang, OK for the MCA National show in April!

From TheMustangNews.com:


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