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MAA Event Coverage: 2004 40th Anniversary Drive Video Archive

In memory of Tony Sousa 1950-2005. We miss you dearly our freind!

The historic Mustangs Across America 40th Anniversary Drive was documented well by a video production crew from Pioneer Productions in London, England and later aired on the Travel Channel in the form of a one hour documentary. The producers rode with various people in their cars and captured the true character of the participants as well as the mission of Mustangs Across America itself. If you ever wondered that Mustangs Across America is really about, take some time and watch these stories!

The following clips are salient highlights of the adventure each broken up into portions ranging from around 1 to 2.5 MB each that are managable for most internet connections.

Click on the thumbnail photo for each clip to view. Enjoy!


Clip 1 - Introduction Clip 2 - Introduction with Tony Sousa Clip 3 - Introduction with Walter Welsh Clip 4 - Intro with Sam Haymart interview . Clip 5 - Intro with Sam Haymart and Tony Sousa . Tony talks about his Shelby.
Clip 6 - Intro with Sam and Sidney Haymart Clip 7 - Tony sousa talks on Mustangs Across America Clip 8 - Day 1 Drivers Meeting in LA Clip 9 - Day 1 on the road to Flagstaff, AZ . Sam in Roush Pace Car. Clip 10 - Day 1 Tony Sousa talks about Mustangs and the Sixties.
Clip 11 - Day 1 on the road to Flagstaff, AZ Sam in Roush Pace Car. Clip 12 - Day 1 Arrival in Flagstaff, AZ Clip 13 - Day 2 Leaving Flagstaff, AZ for Santa Rosa, NM.. Linda Butson has car trouble. Clip 14 - Day 2 Linda Butson talks about the drive. Clip 15 - Day 2 Linda Butson talks on her Mustang.
Clip 16 - Day 2 Richard Liverani Big Daddy talks about his car. Clip 17 - Day 2 Arrival in Santa Rosa, NM Clip 18 - Day 3 Leaving Santa Rosa, NM to Mustang, OK Clip 19 - Day 3 with Sam Bailey Interview. Clip 20 - Day 3, Tony Sousa talks about history of Route 66.
Clip 21 - Day 3 Walter and Lorraine Welsh interview. Clip 22 - Day 3 Arrival in Mustang, OK. Clip 23 - Day 3 in Mustang, OK. Sam Haymart interview. Clip 24 - Day 4 Leaving Mustang, OK for Little Rock Arkansas. Walter Welsh car trouble. Clip 25 - Day 4 Leaving Mustang, OK for Little Rock Arkansas. Walter Welsh rescue
Clip 26 - Day 4 Justin Firor interview with Roush. Clip 27- Day 4 Justin Firor interview with Roush. Clip 28 - Day 4 Tony Scharp interview with Highway Patrol Mustang. Clip 29 - Day 5 Drivers Meeting in Little Rock, AR Clip 30 - Day 5 Arrival in Nashville, TN
Clip 31 - Weekend in Nashville, TN Clip 32 - Weekend in Nashville, TN with Sam Haymart at show. Clip 33 - Last Day. Packing up and saying goodbyes Clip 34 - Last Day. The ride home.  
Special Thanks to Richard "Big-Daddy" Liverani for providing our digital means for this archive!

• MAA Alumni planning 2007 Caravan drive to Mustang, OK for the MCA National show in April!

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