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2009 Mustangs Across America 45th Anniversary Drive Taking Shape!

Hungering for a long distance Mustang convoy drive? Mark your calendar because Mustangs Across America is currently working on the THE Mustang event for 2009, the 45th Anniversary Drive. The cross country Mustang drive of a lifetime will start in sunny southern California and make its way along the wilds of old Route 66 to the final destination, the MCA 45th Anniversary Celebration. The show will easily be the largest Mustang show in history.

The drive is tentatively set for April 9-15, 2009. The route and schedule is in the planning stages and the final destination will be announced soon. The 2009 road trip will include some new stops and destinations including Phoenix, AZ , Gallup, NM, Amarillo, TX and of course Mustang, OK. It will be an American road trip adventure that only Mustangs Across America can bring you.

While the MCA has not yet officially announced the location for the 45th Anniversary Celebration, we are aware of the locations that are on the short list. We are currently tightening our route and schedule and will be announcing the exact dates and locations as soon as we can. We plan to begin taking entries and reservations for the event in early 2008.

In the meantime you can read our MAA Event Forums for updates!



What are Mustangs Across America drives all about?

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View video clips of the video of the Travel Channel documentary that made us famous including interviews with many of the participants.




• MAA 45th Anniversary Drive Forum Get updates on the planning and route for the 2009 cross country drive!

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